Access Control

System-based access control is not only a safer alternative to standard keys but also a more efficient means for assigning authority and removing access privileges.

Controlled by you, your way

Smarthome By Ace can install an electronic access control system in your facility to provide you with full control over who enters locked doors. Access to restricted areas is limited to methods such as ID cards, fingerprints, facial recognition, and smartphones with Smarthome By Ace access control systems.

Flexible Platform

Schedule when doors automatically lock or unlock based on the time of day.

Powerful Technology

A contactless card, smartphone, or key fob uses radio frequencies for entry instead of physical sensors.
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Ranged Access

Using RFID cards with long-range reading zones, drivers can pass through a barrier gate equipped with an access control system without getting out of their vehicles.

Manage who enters selected doors, protect confidential information, and grant authority quickly to staff

An Alternative to Standard Keys

It has never been easier to control access points. We offer web-based access control systems that can be controlled from anywhere that has an internet connection. In addition, users can:
  • Lock, temporarily unlock, and permanently lock doors, data racks, gates, and more by hovering over lock icons
  • Check access control status 24/7/365
  • View when doors or other entry points are open (when they shouldn’t be)
  • View access control points by zone or floor

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