Monitor, Detect, & Record

You can prevent incidents from escalating with our security systems by detecting and responding to them before they escalate. We offer cost-effective  home & business security systems

At every level of enterprise organizations, Smart home by Ace provides cutting-edge video, and detection solutions from new builds to additions and integrations with existing systems.

Monitor & Detect

Detection and monitoring is important when it comes to crime prevention. The video surveillance aspect of our security systems is what helps achieve an environment which will keep your family, employees, and assets safe The software is simple to use and provides endless possibilities when it comes to crime prevention and identifying potential threats, including:

Facial Recognition

Identify normal people that come and go vs people that are complete strangers and track their movements

Human & Vehicle Detection

Know when people or vehicles enter the premises and track their movements

Motion Detection

Reduce false alerts with AI Smart Motion Detection (SMD) and only receive alerts and record when a human or vehicle is detected.

Tripwire Configuration

Tripwire IVS allows you to configure imaginary lines in the camera view. Then anytime that line is crossed it is automatically recorded and a notification is sent.

Mobile Monitoring Support

You can monitor and detect from anywhere in the world. We have Apps compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Multiple Location Support

With our systems you can monitor more than one location simultaneously from the comfort of one application.

Types of Video Surveillance

Each client has unique security needs, so we understand that every client has different needs. We offer a range of video surveillance camera options to meet your needs. Our video surveillance experts can help you find a cost-efficient and reliable solution ranging from IP cameras to cloud video streaming.
  • Indoor Video Surveillance
  • Outdoor Video Surveillance
  • IP Video Cameras
  • IR and Night Vision Cameras
  • Cloud Based Video Management

Solutions That FIT Your Needs

New Builds

Let us blueprint and Deploy your system from the ground up.
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Existing  System

We can optimize & upgrade your existing system.
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Custom Solutions

Let us design a custom solution to fit your needs and problems. 
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